Monday, July 24, 2006

Pet Peeve

The following words are not interchangeable:

Blond and blonde
Brunet and brunette
Masseur and masseuse

and I'm sure I'm out of fashion with this one:

Actor and actress

Well, that's it for today.


Jase said...

I'm guessing you were disappointed when you ordered the blond masseur/actor and something completely different showed up...?

Jess said...

I'm with you.

God of Biscuits said...

Penis and Vagina

palochi said...

You say potato, I say carbohydrates.

David said...

In my opinion, "actress" only exists as an award category. There are no doctresses or lawyeresses.

Crash said...

David, there are actresses because females joined that profession well before there were female lawyers and doctors. I imagine if women had been practicing medicine in the 1600s, there may well have been doctresses. Lawyers . . . different etymolgy. Maybe lawyeres. But I prefer lawyerettes.

Jere said...

Since the suffix -ette connotes something smaller or more diminutive than normal (ie: kitchenette), I doubt many female members of the bar will adopt "lawyerette." If you notice, even the term "usherette" has falled from common usage, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW notwithstanding.

As a society, we seem to be slowly moving toward non-sex specific job titles (mail carrier, flight attendent, firefighter, etc.), which is as it should be, not only because women should be treated equally, but also simply for convenience.

Mark said...

Blond/blonde is a particular pet peeve for me too.

Sherry said...

Not that this may be considered particularly relevant but the comments reminded me of a certain bit in Pratchett's Men at Arms (pg 69 in my edition) where it goes a bit like this:

[Vimes talking]"... The head honcho -"
"Unless he's a queen," said Carrot.
Vimes glared at him, and then nodded.
"OK, or the head honchette -"
"No, that'd only apply if she was a young woman. Queens tend to be older. She'd have to be a ... a honcharina? No, that's for very young princesses. No. Um. A honchesa, I think."

That's all I wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

I particulary like manageress.