Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Other Shoe

Recently, I've been pretty happy with my life. Sure, some things aren't great. I'm not happy in my job. I don't have as much money as I'd like right now. Little things.

But overall, pretty happy. Better than in years past.

Naturally, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It dropped today. My landlord has decided to sell my apartment.

I have no clue what I'm going to do. I have three months, but when you're working full-time, that isn't a lot of time to try to find a place, pack and move.



Jess said...


I wish I could think of a way to help.

palochi said...

Or you could think of it as you've got THREE REALLY BIG MONTHS to find the man of your dreams, fall in love, and move in to his place together?

I know. I'm no help whatsoever.

Have you considered Brooklyn? :-)

Zenchick said...

These things have a way of working out (not said in any way to invalidate your stress, however :) )

David said...

The thing about apartment hunting in New York is that you can't look in advance. The agency I used to find all of my apartments (which I highly recommend, by the way, although they charge a huge commission) is Manhattan Apartments. They won't even start showing you places unless you're about two weeks away from the day you need to move, but the good news is that they show you a LOT of places, and they have a really good price range. You will definitely be able to find someplace that you can afford in a location you want, it's just that you won't know where that place is until what may feel like rather late in the game. The important thing is not to panic!

David said...

You could also move to Baltimore. Hee hee.

Frank said...

My first apartment had a really ugly bathroom counter (banana-slug yellow, complete with black spots), so my apartment manager called in a guy to actually paint over the counter surface with a nice beige tone. I asked him if the counter was the worst thing he'd ever seen. He said no way. The worst thing he'd ever seen was when he was called in to clean up an apartment that had been occupied by a bunch of bikers who had left months before without paying all the rent. They had ridden their motorcycles through the living room, had a huge beer party, etc. They had left their cat in the apartment when they departed, and the guy had to chip the remains of the cat off the kitchen counter.

I don't know what I'm trying to suggest here, but you'll figure out what to do.

jwer said...

Yeah, Baltimore is cheap indeed, and it can't be that hard to get to New York, or I'd have two less neighbors... perhaps you've met them...

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