Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Busy Bee

Been really busy lately. Awards ceremonies, a conference, not-for-profit stuff. Too much, but what can you do.

I did at least have a good time at the Gay Expo this weekend. We had lots of people stop by the booth and hopefully we will get some of them involved in sports. We'll see.

I had dinner on Saturday with Jase. Nice. Then we went to the Habibi party where we were joined by John (Ruggerjohnnyd), his bf and some other rugby guys. The party was a lot of fun. Good music, good venue, good people. And for the first time in ages, I danced. Normally, I'm entirely too self-conscious, but for some reason (probably Jase and his unabashedly joyful style of dancing) I was able to put that aside (a little bit) and just enjoy myself.

I still dance like and old white guy (well, not this old white guy or this one), but I did have fun (and at least I didn't dance like her). Plus, I got to dance to a song by this guy (SIMARIK, which was really big in Europe in the late '90s.) The song was remade by some American hip hop chick as Kiss Kiss; it was lousy, but got a lot of airplay for about a week.

The next day, I was sick (not hungover, mind you, just sick), so I stayed in bed most of the day.

Some cooking (Roasted Turkey Thighs with Wild Mushrooms), some laundry, some cleaning. Same old, same old.


Jess said...

Sick, huh?

Let's see. Out dancing with Jase, having fun. In bed all day the next day. Suuuuuure you're sick. I noticed that you didn't say you were alone in bed! ;)

Jase said...

Unabashedly joyful? Who's this Jase person? He sounds like a lot of fun!

Sorry you felt sick the next.. you should tell this Jase fellow to take it easier on you. ;)