Thursday, March 31, 2005

Catch Up

Despite the sturm und drang of my apartment situation, things have been going fairly well. I had hoped not to write a laundry list of things I've been doing, but I don't feel creative enough to sit down and write anything else. So here goes:

I went to the Gay Men's Chorus' Absolutely '80s show with Jase. It was a blast. Before that we went to Swish Cafe & Shabu Shabu which was pretty cool. I've never had shabu shabu before (kind of a Japanese fondue), but I have had a Vietnamese version of it. Either way, it was an adventure going to a restaurant where I had no real frame of reference (I haven't gone to very many Japanese restaurants).

Let's see . . . I saw Millions which was a cute little movie with nary a zombie in sight.

I visited the Larry Clark retrospective at the ICP. Amazing photographer. Fucked up subject matter. Still, a really good exhibit. I plan to go back before it closes.

I went to the opening of Rick's new bar, Gym (it's a gay sports bar . . . real sports bar, not a gay fetish parody of one). It was great. They have cider and half a dozen televisions. And it's been crowded every night I've gone there. Woo hoo.

I had some friends in town and did a pub crawl on the Lower East Side (straight bars can be fun). I also took them to the MoMA, where it turns out I can get five free tickets per visit thanks to my company. If I start going every weekend, it might make up for not getting a bonus.

A friend of mine turned 21 and proceeded to get sloppy drunk at Gym.

I got a new tv stand.

I cooked an incredible Pumpkin Soup.

And that, my friends, is my amazing life.


jwer said...

Hey! Shabu Shabu is one of the approximately 8 New York restaurants I've been to... it was very nice.

Hmm, that sounded more interesting in my head.

Xavierism said...

I recently went to gay sports bar here in Phoenix. I can't even remember the name of the dang bar. I'm not into gay bars but every tx had something other than sports! What's up with that? I'll stick to the neighbour hood sports bars.

Looking forward to the Final Four showdowns!

Have enjoyed reading your blog!



Jess said...

I notice you mentioned going to the GMC show with Jase, but you didn't mention who accompanied you to see Millions. I guess that guy wasn't worth mentioning! :P

Wayne said...

I want pumkin soup!

Jase said...

Jess: lol!

Yes, I am definitely worth mentioning, even if I have to say so myself! And I do!

And he neglected to say that I actually invited him to watch a screening of Millions (which he declined.. or was it me who backed down? Who knows.. it's just technicalities.)

Crash said...

My chops are sufficiently busted, thank you.