Monday, December 13, 2004

Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln . . .

For those of you who know what was planned for this weekend, it went okay. It was one of the worst things I've ever had to do, I used up all of my Valium, and I think I worked off a little of my time in Purgatory.

Other than that, the weekend was fine.

And that is the last I will mention on the subject.

My birthday was delightful, except that I had to work. Whenever possible, I avoid going to work on the big day. Mostly, because I don't want people to make a fuss. Also, there is a little of that 'one year older and I've done nothing with my life' funk.

I was taken out to lunch by some friends from work. One of them told the waiter that it was my birthday, so I got a very operatic version of the birthday song (it was an Italian restaurant). Not as horribly humiliating as I would have thought.

Dinner was great! I did my traditional steak dinner at Steak Frites. The group was a little smaller than intended, but not by much. The guys from Out of Bounds were there (my fellow board members) and some of the bloggers (Frank, Wayne and MzOuiser). It was a very good mix of people. Good food, good wine, good conversation, good friends. Who could ask for a better birthday?

Though, if any of the people who couldn't make it to the dinner want to take me out for drinks this weekend, I won't protest.


Flip X said...

I'm still waiting to collect drinks from people who skipped on my bday gathering - now where were you that day?! *glare*


Zenchick said...

the salve for what ails you:
a weekend in Charm City with Goblin, her fathers, and the Zenchick.
I kid you not.

Crash said...

Zenchick: My plan is to celebrate MLK Day in your fair city. You and David should start planning something fabulous.

Homer said...

Can I buy you a drink in May?

David said...

Hmmm, it keeps getting pushed further and further back. I'll reserve your room for Groundhog Day 2008. :)

Crash said...

Homer: Yes, you may.

David: I seem to recall mentioning MLK weekend to you the last time we talked. Anyway, I'll see you up here before then.

Wayne said...