Friday, December 17, 2004


I just had my evaluation at work.

I wasn't fired.

That was the only good thing about it.

I am so fucked.


Zenchick said...

nah...I've had one or two bad evaluations. Don't write it off yet...

MzOuiser said...

Maybe if you ask them to fire you, they won't get around to it for 8 more months, and then you'll get lots of severance.

Worked for me. And I surfed the internet all day.

Gurustu said...

In the last couple of evals, they rounded a lot of people down to a 3 on a 5 scale, cause 3 meant you were doing your job and they needed a bell curve. Can't have too many top performers you know, makes us look bad (yeah, go figure that one out).

When I got my "3" I was told to be happy 'cause no one got a "5" (another imponderable...)

Focus on doing the best you can... that's what I do everyday. They're just lucky we don't eval them.

palochi said...

Have you considered sleeping with the boss?

Jeff said...

Better yet, have you thought of offing the boss?