Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I'm Back

I'm back from my Thanksgiving vacation. All in all a nice time, but I wish I hadn't eaten so damn much.

I arrived at my apartment to discover a few birthday presents waiting for me. Very cool. I wish that happened every time I came back from a trip.

Not too much planned for this week, thank goodness. Tonight I'm going to Blades Against AIDS, a charity event that is part of World AIDS Day. While I probably won't actually strap on a pair of ice skates, I will avail myself of the open bar.

Open bar . . . mmmmmm.

Anyway, it should be a good time. The hockey boys are always fun to hang with.

This weekend is the invasion of the non-NYC bloggers. Hot Toddy, the Executive, the Traveling Spotlight, Tuna Girl . . . maybe others. Damn, I wish I had a better memory. Anyway, lots of fun to be had.


Tuna Girl said...

I can't wait! And I think you remembered all the out-of-towners. And dang it! I'm missing hockey boys by two days!

Crash said...

If it weren't going to interfere with Hot Toddy's drinking, I'd offer to take you watch some of my friends play over the weekend. They're mostly gay (or rather, most of them are gay), but they are pretty to look at.

Hugo said...

I really wanted to drink and skate last night, but Wednesdays are volleyball night - darn!

Was Hockey Guy of Wet Underwear fame there last night??

Crash said...

Hugo: Yep, he was there. Clothed, sadly. I wound up chatting with one of the volleyball guys at the event last night. Seemed like a nice fellow.

Hot Toddy said...

Can't wait to meet (and hug) you! I'm sorry you didn't like what I left you in my will. Is there anything you want? My college loan debt, perhaps?

Crash said...

Toddy: Hmm, more debt. I think I'll pass. Of course, this is all moot since you will have a wonderful flight and get to New York safe and sound. Then we will spend all weekend poisoning your liver. By the time the cirrhosis gets you, I will have gotten you to rewrite your will, bequeathing all your porn to me.

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