Saturday, November 13, 2004

Woo hoo!!

Gotham did some ass-kicking at the East Coast Rugby Invitational today. Which is really good since 1) we were facing some really good teams and 2) we'll be facing the same teams in the next Bingham Cup in 2006.

Now, off to the Eagle for the drink up and several zulus.


Hugo said...

Congrats! Sorry I missed the excitement out at Randalls earlier today. Hopefully there will be some excitement (or excited contestants!) tomorrow afternoon at Splash. Looking forward to it.

Jalal said...

What is a Zulu?

Crash said...

It's a rugby tradition that when a player scores his first try that he run naked around the pitch. We've modified this tradition (thanks to a couple of real bitches with the NYC Parks Department) to let the players do their zulu runs at the bar after the game.