Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Cool Stuff

1) I went to a party last night celebrating the publication and success of Marc Acito's book. I got to meet him (and others in the Yum Yum Brotherhood . . . see Hot Toddy's site for an explanation of the Yum Yums), his family, friends, and a whole passel of others. Plus there was an open bar. Open bar . . . mmmmmm. Great time.

2) After the party I met up with my best friend from elementary/junior high/high school, his wife, their twin girls, her brother, his wife, the mother-in-law, and a couple of other kids that were probably related to someone. We hung out for a while, went to the huge Toys 'R' Us in Times Square, and took pictures of just about everything.

3) Today, I passed Kathleen Chalfant on the street. A truly amazing actress. I saw her in the B'way version of Angels in America.

4) I received my first official donation for the new playwriting organization I'm forming (Thanks, Palochi). It will be used to pay the guy who is doing my website. I've got my fingers crossed that everything will be ready for a January launch.

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