Friday, September 10, 2004

Scary Carpetbagging Freak

So for shits and grins, I decided to peruse BSCRH* Alan Keyes websites (there are a few . . . Keyes for Senate, the Alan Keyes Blog, etc.).

Holy fuck, this guy is scary.

When President Bush says God wanted him to be president, I can forgive him. What with all the cocaine and booze that he ingested, I'm not at all surprised that he hears God talking to him every now and then. Brain damage has a way of doing that to you.

But when Alan Keyes says that it's God's will that he carpetbag his way to Illinois and run for Senate . . . well, that's not brain damage. That's just nuts.

Anyway, if you live in Illinois, vote Obama. God mentioned to me yesterday that he wants you to.

*Bat-shit crazy racist homophobe


palochi said...

However, be afraid. A poll showed that 28% of IL voters would choose him.

jwer said...

That's the whole problem with Illinois, huge parts of it are not Chicago.

What really struck me was an interview Keyes did right after his run was announced, and someone asked him about his rather harsh comments regarding Hillary's NY Senate run... he hemmed and hawed before muttering something about how this was different... you could tell by his expression that the RNC has one of his family members tied up in a room somewhere with a gun trained on them (it's a different room than the one in which they're holding McCain's relative)...