Friday, September 24, 2004

Catching Up

Okay, I just realized that I really haven't blogged this week. Between work, my new not-for-profit, rugby, working out, physical therapy and another not-for-profit for which I serve on the advisory board, I find myself with little time left.

So a quick recap of the last week.

Last Thursday, the Townhouse with the blogger boys.

Friday, Brian's birthday. I missed the party because I was working on stuff for the rugby game.

Saturday, rugby, rugby, rugby. Bus ride. Deluge. Thunderbolts and lightning. Margaritas. Game. Lost, but with marked improvements over the last time we played them. More margaritas. Game. Lost (see earlier comment). Bee attack. Post game drink up with the Montauk boys. Drinking on the bus. Home. Go home to change and go to the after party, fall asleep instead.

Sunday, write with Frank. Dinner with Steve at the all-you-can-eat mussel place. Celebrity sighting, Jason Alexander.

Monday, Painbringer, PT. Passed out during physical therapy. Very, very scary. Thought I was dying. I wasn't. Work. Home. Lots of work for my other not-for-profit group.

Tuesday, work. Lots of stuff from Amazon arrived, including season one of Dead Like Me. I watch pilot episode, fully intending to only watch that one. Instead, I watch five more episodes.

Wednesday, Painbringer, PT. Everyone very nice, afraid I'm going to pass out again. I didn't. Work. Cocktail party after work for Hispanic organization. Good time even though I didn't know anyone. Celebrity sighting, the Dude-You're-Getting-A-Dell guy at B'way and 52. Gym, one hour of cardio. Tried the NY Sports Club on 23rd and 8th. Scary. Muscle Marys, waaaaaay too much cruising in the locker, all the plastic steroid bodies made me feel really fat and ugly. Better living through science my ass. Made roasted eggplant for dinner.

Thursday, work. More work for the other n-f-p. More Dead Like Me.

And that takes us to today. Sure, the writing wasn't great, but I'm in 'fire bad, tree pretty' mode, so that's all you get.

Tomorrow is our first home rugby game. Field 17 on Randall's Island. Should be fun. If you're free around 1 p.m. you should come watch us.


Wayne said...

Ah, been keeping yourself rather busy, ya? :)

Homer said...

Crash that was more excitement than I get in a month.

palochi said...

Painbringer bad, Crash pretty

zeitzeuge said...

HEY! Since when did blogging come 2nd??? Ah, the horror!

Must.....make......time..... :)

Brechi said...

all you can eat mussels...yummm :)