Friday, September 17, 2004

Rugby Party

Tomorrow is our first game of the fall season. It's being played in Montauk, which is, I'm told, part of Long Island despite being somewhere close to Nova Scotia. Needless to say, I won't be trying to guilt any of you into coming to watch the game. Next week, though . . .

Anyway after 1) the game, 2) the first round of drinking with the boys from Montauk, 3) the second round of drinking on the bus, and 4) the first round of puking, one of the players will be hosting a post-game party at his apartment. You are all invited. However, since I don't want everyone on God's green Earth to know where the party is, you have to e-mail me for the address.

I will leave you with the following:

1) If you come to the party, bring a bottle of something. Liquor, mix, whatever.

2) If you come to the party, you may have a celebrity sighting. A certain Mr. Norton from TV's Comedy Central has been showing up at several of our parties.

3) If you come to the party, don't pass out. I have photographs of the last person who passed out at a rugby party. He should be glad we were on our best behavior.

4) Regardless of whether you come to the party, stop by his site and wish him a happy birthday. He turns 34 today (even though he's telling people that he's turning 30 . . . that little imp).


Jess said...

Yes, Montauk is on Long Island, but I agree that it's a long drive. The island actually is long (125 miles), hence the name! :)

Now, as for that "I won't be trying to guilt any of you into coming to watch the game. Next week, though . . ." please remember that some of your friends live out here. :P While we won't be able to drive to Montauk tomorrow (roughly a two hour drive, even from here), keep in mind that some of us aren't in the city. So if there are games somewhere else on Long Island, let us know! (Don't you play at Stony Brook or somewhere near there at some point?)

Jalal said...

If I want to brink warmed milk with chocolate or horlicks or ovaltine in it will I be accepted as normal company for the evening?