Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I've seen the future . . . and it's scary

It worries me that there will soon be more people who speak Klingon than Yiddish.

qaStaHvIS DIS chu'vam, bIQuchjaj!

Or as we say on Earth, Happy Rosh Hashana (okay, I'm a little early since it doesn't start until sundown).


Jess said...

Have a happy and healthy new year! (When we next see you, we can even raise a toast to it!)

MzOuiser said...

Oh dear. That is disturbing.
Happy New Year, you strapping mensch!

Zenchick said...

awww....Crashy, you are too good to my peeps!!!
Happy, healthy safe and peaceful new year to you. To everyone.

palochi said...

"I am NOT a freylekh mentsh!" - Worf

Jalal said...

And I thought learning French was going to be it for me.