Tuesday, August 10, 2004

That Don Wildmon is a hoot!!

The current bug up his heinie is a series of Sketchers ads featuring Xtina Aguilera in a series of PG (maybe PG13) rated poses. He finds them demeaning to women . . . yep, that Reverend Donny's always been a big supporter of women's rights.

Anyway, here is a link where you can send a letter to Sketchers telling them what depraved and evil people they are. Unfortunately for the Wild Mon, you can change the text to whatever you want (the AFA normally doesn't allow you to alter the text . . . they must be slipping).

Here was my letter:

Dear Chairman Greenberg,
I am highly amused by your "naughty and nice" ad campaign.

It shows a great understanding of the sort of ridiculous sexual stereotypes (nurses, cops, teachers, students) that have fueled males sex fantasies. By bringing these fantasies to life in an exaggerated, cartoonish way, you've made a sly point about men, women and advertising, all while selling your shoes. Good job.

I'm sorry that you're the victim of a negative e-mail blitz from folks who don't have a clue and have way too much time on their hands.

Your timely response to my concerns will make absolutely no difference in whether or not I buy your shoes. I buy Sketchers because they are comfortable, sturdy and stylish.

So if you are so inclined and are not, indeed, offended by Ms. Aguilera (or at least not by her Sketcher ads. I mean, she will certainly wind up in hell for her 'music'), drop by the AFA site and send in a protest support letter. And if you are offended by the Sketchers campaign, send in a real protest letter. This is America . . . make your voice heard.

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