Monday, July 19, 2004

It's amazing how I can have a fantastic weekend (which I will post about when I get home), full of friends and conversation, which leaves me renewed and full of purpose, only to come to back to New York and after a few hours feel like I've been through a meat grinder.
Some conclusions I came to this weekend and today:
1) I have to change my job.  Either quit or come up with some way to make it less soul-crushing.
2) It's time to go back to school.  Whether it is for my Ph.D or, as was suggested to me this weekend, the MFA program at NYU, I'm ready.
3)  For years I've toyed with the idea of starting a playwriting competition for gay and lesbian youth.  It's time to make that a reality, too.
4)  I'm tired of being in debt.
5)  I need to make my apartment feel like a home rather than a dorm.
If only I knew how to do any of this.

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George said...

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