Friday, July 09, 2004

Don Wildmon and the friendly folks at the American Family Association have declared Monday, July 12, to be Phone Your Senator Day. They're encouraging all of "God's People" to call their senators to let them know they are opposed to gay marriage.

On Monday, please go to this site. Find the contact info for your senators and let them know how you feel about gay marriage. Sure, they will be getting more calls and e-mails from the bigots and homophobes, but every single e-mail and call they get from one of us will help counter a little bit of the hate.

Please pass this info around.

One of the other little ironic things in the e-mail from Don "hate the sin, not the sinner . . . ah, what the hell, hate the sinner, too" Wildmon is that he's declared Sunday to be Protect Marriage Sunday. He's encouraging pastors to denounce gay marriage from the pulpit and (here's the ironic part) to "discuss the threat of gay marriage" in Sunday School. Here is a man who was up in arms that schools were going to talk about homosexuality in health and sex ed classes because, as he said at the time, children shouldn't be exposed to homosexuality. Apparently what he meant was that children shouldn't be exposed to anything pro-homosexuality or homosexuality-neutral. But if you want to bash the gays, heck, let's have the kids do it in Sunday school.


Please don't forget to contact your senator on Monday. I'm sure Hillary is getting tired of my e-mails, but that's what she's there for.

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