Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Still alive

Sorry I haven't been posting . . . busy, busy, busy.

So here is the last couple of weeks in a nutshell: dim sum, Palochi, two theater reviews published, Gay Expo, two awards ceremonies, trip to mom's, surprise birthday party that was actually a surprise (there's still time to buy me a gift, by the way), Homer exhibit at the Dahesh Museum, Harry Potter (I cried), doing work for my not-for-profits, work, job hunting and TV.

The fun never ends at Crashland.


Robert said...

My previous comment disappeared, so I'm wishing you again... Hoping you had a wonderful, wonderful time on your special day Crash! A very happy birthday from me, to you.

Hope all your warm wishes coming true! :-)

mark said...

Oh forgot Palochi was going to be there. I need to call him too. Better add him to my list.

Btw, we both cried at Harry Potter. Just wait until the book 6 comes out as a movie. Haven't seen nothing yet.

David said...

Happy Birthday! You shoulda said something!

Was wondering where you were. How is Palochi? He needs to post more on his blog.

Crash said...

The birthday hasn't happened yet; that's why I was surprised by the party. It's actually in one week.

palochi said...

I think Crashylvania has a nicer sound to it.

Lee said...

Oh good! Still time to wish you a happy birthday.

Homer? OUR Homer on exhibit? Does he know? ;-)

Jase said...

Where was I supposed to sign up to be on THAT guestlist?

So what does my big boy want for his lil' berf'day-werf'day?

Wanton Wonton said...

happy belated birthday, dahling!
~miss w