Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In a Nutshell

I've seen a few plays in the last week.

Cowboy vs. Samurai - Good. A retelling of the Cyrano story by the National Asian American Theater Company.

The Snow Maiden - Children's theater that I reviewed for the online site.

Screwups - Another one I reviewed. Very funny.

Let's see . . . dinner at Jess and Marc's where I got to meet the charming Knottyboy.

Dim sum on Sunday. Hanging out with Jase on Saturday. Laundry. Work.

Patrick is still a great houseguest.

What else? Oh, Lost. How freaking amazing was last week's episode?

Okay. I'm done.


Michael said...

Amazing, yes, but I'm hoping for a rating of "Stellar" for tonight's "Tail-Section" episode.

David said...

SHIT! If forgot to program the VCR to record two hours. AAAAGGGHHH.

Glad you're back, Crash.

David said...

Wait, never mind. I checked the website and it looks like a regular episode. But didn't the promos talk about a longer than usual episode for this week?

Crash said...

Four minutes longer. How bogus is that.

Knottyboy said...

Charming? I bow to you....
I had such a marvelous time meeting you lot.