Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oops, I did it again

Not exactly sure how, but I seem to be flat broke again. Overdrawn, actually. Damn.

What better way to celebrate being busted than running out and buying three brand spanking new, signed first edition books?

Really, it's a sickness.

Tonight I'm going to see a production of Hecuba by Euripides at The Culture Project @ 45Bleecker. Same theater that's been hosting the Red Bull Theater productions.

If you've been unable to tell based on my recent entries, I am a big fan of classical theater.

Fortunately for me, tonight's show is free.


Pony said...

Yeah, I feel your pain. I don't think that banks use the same math (addition and subtraction) that we learned in 2nd grade.

Then again, maybe you're a Libra. As Hot Toddy and I would agree, Librans "repell money."

shadowfoot said...

I've always found that when I have no money buying things is a way to cheer myself up.

Hugo said...

Free? Pray tell - where do you find these free theater gigs?

palochi said...

Broke guys are hot. :-)

Crash said...

Hugo, the secret is to get on all the theaters' mailing lists. You'll get lots of info about free things (and most of them have at least a couple every year). The next big series of free plays I'm going to go see is at the Public Theater. It's their new works readings. Should be fun.