Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zombiality: A Queer Bent on Zombie Fiction

Yesterday I finished reading an anthology of short zombie stories featuring some LGBT aspect, "Zombiality: A Queer Bent of Zombie Fiction."  Overall it was okay, but frankly, a lot of the stories sounded like they came from a creative writing class.

That said, one of them was terrific - "Sweetness" by B.C. Edwards.  A great little story about a couple, one who has been infected with a virus that causes the person to become basically undead.  It starts with a sweetness in the back of the throat, that eventually sends the person into madness.  The story did a particularly good job about showing the difficulty of an infected person dealing with his fate, and the strain on his relationship (his boyfriend starts running with a group of zombie killers).

The best thing about this was its explanation of why zombies become flesh-eaters.  It was a nice twist, and really well done.  Worth checking out.

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Jess said...

Someone mentioned this book to me the other night. Oh, wait, that was you, wasn't it? :)

But hey, Byrne's blogging again! Yay!