Saturday, March 10, 2012

Murder in the Irish Channel by Greg Herren

Today I finished Greg Herren's latest Chanse MacLeod mystery, "Murder in the Irish Channel," and it's a really good read.  It features a missing mother and a whole host of people who have a reason for wanting her dead.  Hired by her son, an MMA fighter, Chanse has to find out who would benefit most from her death or disappearance.  Lots of distractions and red herrings, leading to a satisfying (and fairly unexpected) ending.  I like those mysteries that surprise me, but where all the clues were laid out (no deus ex machina).

While the story was great, and lord knows Herren has a real talent for creating memorable characters, what most impresses me about his books is the way he brings New Orleans to life.  The city is just as important a character as Chanse or any of the others who feature in this series.

Every time I read one of his books, I just want to get on a plane and head down there.

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Jess said...

I remember the Dennis Weaver show, when he was in New York.

(That was the same character, right?)