Friday, June 06, 2008

Funny story

Coming in to work today, I overheard three security guards talking.

One of them said to the other two, "You know how you have the same first name? And the same last initial? Well, I was thinking."

One of the others, a hot Italian-looking guy said, "Yeah?"

The first guy said, "You should have sex."

They all started laughing, as did one of the building maintenance guys who was walking by. He turned back to them and said, "Yeah, but who would be the pitcher and who would be the catcher?"

The cute guy just laughed and said, "I guess we'll just take turns."

Fun way to start the day.


Homer said...

No one has my same first name and last initial :( I would have to be celibate.

Jess said...

You should have asked if you could watch! ;)