Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Donald at The Parade

Fun story.

I was working security at the Pride Parade today. I was stationed on the same street as Trump Tower. Basically, the street was closed so the parade participants who had cars could get lined up for their day-long trek down 5th Ave.

At one point one of the TT security personnel came over to the police officer and informed her that Mr. Trump was coming around the corner and needed access to his parking garage. Naturally, no one was allowed to get access to that street other than city workers (police, firemen, paramedics, etc.) and permit holders. Also naturally, such rules do not usually apply to the rich and/or famous (that is not meant to be a judgment against the people who let him in, just a statement of fact).

So Mr. Trump's limo was waved onto the street where it was forced to wait in the line of the floats and marchers until it could execute a rather intricate four or five-point turn into the building and safely ensconce The Donald away from the plebs.

Anyhoo, I present Mr. Trump's limo. For your reference he is lining up behind the Butch/Femme Society.

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Jess said...

He's such an egomaniac, I'm surprised he didn't just join the parade! Why not pop out of the limo's sunroof and see if the crowd cheers? :)