Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well that didn't take long

Shoe has dropped; life is once more back to normal.

So rather than wallow, I'm going to include this funny clip of Hitler having the Torchwood Season 2 finale explained to him.


Jess said...

First, I'm very sorry that didn't work out. I thought the best course might be to say nothing and see how things went. Not to sound superstitious, but I figured I'd just see what happened. I really was hoping this was a good one! Sorry, babe! *hug*

As for the video, I feel dirty having laughed so much at anything involving Hitler. That really was hysterical. I don't even watch Torchwood. As you know from visiting us, our cable company doesn't offer BBC America, but I was thinking of adding Season 1 to my Netflix list. Does "Hitler"'s rant mean it will be disappointing in the end, or should I go ahead and add it?

Lee said...

Sorry to hear about dropped shoe!!

alas, I've missed season 2 but LOVED that video! I still got the points brought up.

Peter said...

Sorry it didn't work out.

You have to see Torchwood Season 2, even after the spoiler.

cheapblueguitar said...

If it didn't work out, it's probably for the better. You deserve the best.