Sunday, April 13, 2008

Highs and lows

Saw Patrick Stewart's Macbeth today with Little David. It was really amazing. The director did some really inventive stuff, especially with Banquo's death and the banquet scene. One of the best productions of the play that I've ever seen.

That was the high.

Tonight I did my taxes. Pretty much same old, same old, until it came time to do my state taxes. Turns out my new company doesn't deduct state taxes from my paycheck. That proved to be a rather alarming and costly surprise.

That would be the low.

Ah, well. Could be worse, I suppose.


Maddog said...

Sorry to hear about the taxes. How long is Macbeth playing. I would love to see it when I'm back in the city.

David said...

Glad I was part of the high for the day. Monday was when I did my taxes. I took a $745 hit. Ouch.