Monday, March 26, 2007

Frakity frak frak frak

So how good was last night's episode of Battlestar Galactica?

And how pissed am I that there are no new episodes until 2008?


Alan said...

It was "galact-astic"!

But waiting until january 2008 totally sucks -- because right now, there's just too much confusion. ;) Fortunately there will be the Pegasus movie in the fall to tide us over a bit.

palochi said...

I'm not buying it.

Without giving away the spoilers here, the four who think they're what they are probably aren't. Or aren't... exactly.

I can't remember if it was David Eick or Ron Moore who said in a recent interview that the question to keep in mind after the end of this season is "What makes one a Cylon?" or something to that effect.

Roslin was totally out for revenge and not justice. She's such a fucking desperate hypocrite. What Lee said on the stand was 100% true. They've become a gang, not a civilization, running for their lives and from their guilt.

Finally, what's up with Gaeta being a little purgering bitch. Fuck him. He's hiding something big and I bet it's someone's sausage. What are the rules about homosexual activity in the Colonial military? That, or it's because he was doing a little toaster riding himself and doesn't want anyone to know about it. I'm betting it was with Doral. :)

Jess said...

I understand the break is needed because Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco are going to get married (they're in Canada, so they can) and then take a long honeymoon. After that, they're moving into their new place. So the long break is needed, in order to allow them to have their life together.

At least that's the dream I had. Then they invite me over to be their sex toy. ;)

David said...

I admit I watched this episode, but having watched precious few prior to it, I was like "wtf?"

I totally have no idea what's going on. The crew chief guy is a Cylon? That makes absolutely no sense. Tigh is a Cylcon? That's just too out there.

I'm sticking with LOST.

Andy said...

It's either going to turn out to be mind-blowingly good or a catastrophe. Hopefully the former. Can someone please remember to email me sometime in 2008 to let me know when the season premiere is?

jeremy said...

I was seriously underwhelmed. The courtroom drama stuff was boring and at times laughable (I think I could hear the extras saying "hubbub bub, peas and carrots"). And dragging out the whole, "Who are the final 5" crap is just lazy storytelling.
Oh, and hearing "All Along the Watchtower" made me cringe and wish that I had never recommended the show to anyone. What happened to the good ol' days of episodes like, "33" and "Pegasus" and the one where Billy got shot? I hope they redeem themselves next season.

Andy said...

Unrelated: can you send me your email address? I want to invite you to my going-away party.