Monday, September 11, 2006


I wrote it four years ago, posted it a couple of years ago. I'm posting it again because I'm too tired to write anything else. I hate this day.

September Morning

There were shoes everywhere
High-heels, clunky sandals, oxfords
Scattered among the briefcases, purses, gym bags
Anything that slowed us down

We ran in stocking feet
Through glass and metal, mud and ash
Not feeling the cuts
Not noticing the blood

How could we?

When all around was fire and smoke
Paper like rain, bodies like hail
The screams, the anguish, the chaos
What was our pain compared to that?

Only later, alone at home, safe
Could we look at our feet and guiltily wonder
How could something that tears open your soul
Leave such little marks?


Robert said...

I live on the west coast myself, I cannot possibly imagine how people are feeling right now, this day, being so close to Ground Zero.

bonnie said...

sad, angry, bewildered -


RcktMan Rick said...

I didn't see this post last year... so I'm glad you re-posted it this year.

I've already posted the "Where I was on 9/11" post on my blog two years ago. And since then I've found it to be almost patronizing of me, being from the midwest all my life, to try to explain how I felt, when there were thousands of people like yourself that actually LIVED that horror.

Thanks for reminding us of this. The pain we, the people outside New York City, felt-- while indeed awful-- could not possibly compare to what you felt that day.