Monday, June 19, 2006


Turns out it was a really good weekend.

I met up with FARB and his boys after work on Friday. I was just meeting them to pick up some samplers featuring his new novel, but I wound up staying for a couple of hours. It was great. Left to my own devices, I tend to be a hermit, and it was really nice to have some interaction.

Plus I had a guy hit on me, which is always a nice ego boost. However, as is typical, as soon as someone shows the slightest interest in me, I get hit with a feeling akin to the old Groucho Marx line "I'd never join a country club that would have someone like me as a member." So basically, I'd never date anyone who would date someone like me.

As a brief aside, if you would like to date me, here is the best way to approach it, based on what seems to have attracted me to guys in the past: Be completely aloof and disdainful; Give me just enough hope that there might be a future for us that I'll be willing to pay for everything; Tell me you love me when no one is around, but treat me like shit in public; Tell me you'd totally be into me if I weren't _____ [fill in the blank with something cruel and personal, and come up with something new each time you say it]; Tell me that you're not into me, but show up at my place everytime you're drunk and need to get off.

So, long story short, if you treat me with kindness or tell me you like me, you can expect me to disappear with a little puff of dust like a Warner Brothers character.

So where was I?

After a fun happy hour(s), I headed back to watch the Doctor Who marathon on the SciFi channel. I tell you, I'm just a hair's-breadth away from turning into one of those guys who dresses up as a scifi character and goes to Cons.

Maybe for the next one I can dress up like D'Argo. Palochi, do you still have your Chiana costume?

So Saturday I went to the AVP march and rally. Good, though I really expected more people. Three gay bashings in one week? I would have thought this would make people angry. I guess not. At least I got to hang out with Jase and Charles.

After the rally, I went to work for the rest of the day. Weekends are the only time I can work without constant interruptions.

Sunday was all about cooking and cleaning. Then I went to the midnight performance of Broadway Bares, which was great. Once again, I saw Jase and Charles. I heard Matt and Kevin were there, too, but I didn't see them. I also ran into Patrick and Karen as they were leaving the earlier performance. Bares was fantastic (even better than last year's) and the special guests (Cyndi Lauper, Alan Cumming, Fran Drescher . . . um . . . and others). It was a great time with lots of hot men and women, all in various stages of undress. And they had rocking bodies. I would absolutely love to date a dancer. But, you know, only if he treats me badly. I do have my standards, after all.


palochi said...

Chiana? Please, bee-yotch. I am SO John Crichton it makes your panties wet just thinking about it.

(Was that treating you badly enough or do I have to make you wear the Uhura mini skirt and ear plug now? -grin-)

palochi said...

Chiana? Please, bee-yotch. I am SO John Crichton it makes your panties wet just thinking about it.

(Was that treating you badly enough or do I have to make you wear the Uhura mini skirt and ear plug now? -grin-)

Crash said...

Oh, please. As soon as our office went business casual, I started wearing the Uhura miniskirts and ear plug. And I look fierce.

Jase said...

dammit.. more rules to follow.

Tuna Girl said...

Speaking of wet panties. I had to ring mine out after the show. Could you smell it on me when we hugged?

Are you sufficiently grossed out now?

Wilde said...

I'm a card-carrying member of the Groucho Club. This is not surprising if you read some of my dating debacles...oy.

David said...

Crash, Crash, Crash. Someone needs to shake you by the heels and get all the shit out of your head.

I was out of town for the AVP march, so I couldn't make it. Someone posted on their blog and I agree with them, that there wasn't enough publicity and advanced notice for it. A lot of people who would have marched didn't even know it was happening.

And if Palochi is John Crichton, I'm Captain Lee Adama.

Anonymous said...

I like you. You're witty.

RcktMan Rick said...

Good lord... is GB:NYC3 STILL GOING ON? ;-)

I've seen Broadway Bares on DVD. I won't say how I got a copy but I have one. And it's HOT HOT HOT HOT. I wish I could have been there to see it live... but such is life.

Lee said...

Gawd! I now am stuck with this image of Palochi as a Chiana/Crighton composite and Crash as Uhura chasing after Karen's damp unmentionables through space and worm holes in a TARDIS.

palochi said...

Lee: Nah. That already happened at GB:NYC3. So "last week" now.

Jess said...

David, you grab one heel and I'll grab the other. This boy is too nice, smart, etc., to not be hooked up with a good boyfriend!