Friday, June 09, 2006

Job search

I applied for two jobs in the last two days (I'm working on the assumption that the bad interview I mentioned previously pretty much scuttled that job). I would be great for both of them, but I'm concerned that neither one will be able to get near my current salary.

But then, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have 9 more job openings to apply for (and two or three more that I identified, but haven't researched yet).

Keep your fingers crossed.


Jess said...

They're crossed, and I'll even rub my lucky penis on your behalf!

(Yeah, okay, so I'll rub it for anything, but it's brought me lots of luck over the years, so what could it hurt?) :D

Jeff said...

Ah, yes, job hunting. So much fun... I've been doing a bit of that myself lately. Best of luck!

Lee said...

Good luck with them!

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Good luck, Crash! I hope it works out for you... AND they pony up the money that you need!!

scottk said...

As we all know it is best to look for a new job while still having the old !Good luck on the new job hunt

David said...

Keep your chin up. Each door that closes means a window is bound to open up.