Monday, December 05, 2005


This morning I threw my back out. What, pray tell, was I doing at three in the morning that was so strenuous that I threw my back out?


Yep. I threw my back out sleeping.

I am now officially the world's most out-of-shape person. I fully expect Richard Simmons to come to my house and cut through a wall to get me out with a crane.


Anyhoo. Last week I saw three shows. 'Making Marilyn' and 'Rachel' Off-Off Broadway. I wouldn't really recommend either of them. 'Making Marilyn' was kind of interesting, but it didn't really gel. 'Rachel' was abysmal . . . poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted. Made me want to bitch slap everyone involved.

The other show was 'Souvenir' on Broadway. Cute and funny, but it would have been better as a shorter piece. It didn't merit a full-length treatment.

Other than that, I went out for Korean BBQ with Stuff and friends on Sunday.

The wild times never end in Crashylvania (thanks, Palochi).

One other thing, now that I think about it. I did stay up until three in the morning on Saturday (well, technically it was Sunday) to watch the first snow of the season. It was pretty, but it made walking to church a pain.


mark said...

And here I thought you might of thrown out your back during hot, steamy sex.

Please tell me you were having sex in your dream. ;)

David said...

I'm seeing Dog Meets God tomorrow, and a Dancer's Life on Thursday.

You should start taking yoga, my friend. Get that back into shape.

Crash said...

Mark: I wish. God in heaven, how I wish.

David: I'm seeing Dog Sees God on Friday. Let me know how it is. I really want to see A Dancer's Life, but it's a little expensive.

If I could find a decent yoga instructor, I would. I had a great one who left my gym two sessions after I started taking his class. Haven't found a good one since then. But then I haven't really been looking. I did buy some yoga DVDs, but I've found that merely owning them isn't enough; one must actually use them. Ah, well.

Glenn said...

Please don't tell the chiropractor/doctor that you threw it out sleeping. Do tell them that you were having freaky monkey sex, just to help them during the holiday season.

Feel better.