Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Birthday's in two days
I'm in the mood for presents
This is what I want:

The God of Biscuits'
Gift for esoterica;
I'll take some of that.

I would also like
A bit of Mark and Brian's
Whimsical nature.

How 'bout a phone call
From Matt's mom with a story
about his childhood?

A touch of Frank's wit
For use in emergencies
Would come in handy.

Bob's sense of humor
Sorry, let's make that 'humour'
Now that he's a Brit.

Jeff's new house, of course,
Would be nice, but how to get
It to Manhattan?

Homer's handiness
With Albert's sense of style would
Brighten up my home

Jase's joie de vivre
Or maybe just his good looks
I could handle that.

Like Jess and Marc, Knottyboy's
Artistic talent

Sardonic humor
From Palochi and maybe
His leather jacket

Brian's hot accent
Or maybe his recipes
Either would be good

Sherry's youth and brains
Faustus and Rob's musical
talent (oh, and David's too)

Speaking of Davids
I'd like his epic drive and
His little dog, too.

But it is enough
Just to have them in my life.
Friends are the best gift.

Note: Yeah, I missed a few of you. Sorry about that, but I'm knackered and it's time for a coffee break. Anyway, I hope you all know how important your friendship is to me, with or without a link in a crappy, but heartfelt, haiku.


Jeff said...

I wasn't going to get you anything, anyway.

Crash said...

Just for that, I'm going to add you in. Then you'll be all guilty and have to buy me something.

David said...

Yay! I almost started to pout near the end, but - redemption!

David said...

Of course, now I have to get you something. Let's see...

Rob Byrnes said...

Your present? Haiku.
To celebrate the birthday
Of Billy Hufsey.

Crash said...

Receiving a poem
From such a famous author
A gift beyond words

Brian (Shadowfoot) said...

May you get all the good things you wish for.

Dantallion said...

Have a happy birthday (a little early). Very cool to see how blessed you feel by the people around you.

Jeff said...

Oh sure, everyone else, you like their style, their sense of humor, their handiness. Me? You like my house. And it's not even mine.

Crash said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Jeff's new house, of course,
Would be nice, or maybe his
Gigantic penis?

Jeff's new house, perhaps,
Or his hidden powers of

Jeff's new house or his
Proficiency at dancing
Naked Lambada

Jase said...

Yay! I was mentioned! And now to commemorate this with a ditty of my own:

A birthday wish, for
my mind and my body, how
Single White Female.

Happy Birthday Crashy!

You'll just have to wait and see what I gotcha...

Tuna Girl said...

Happy birthday!

Wait. I just remembered. Don't you share a birthday with a certain famous author who ditched all us blog whores a little while back?

Jess said...

You're a wonderful friend. I hope we can see you soon to celebrate properly (and give you gifts, of course). :)

Lee said...

Billy Huffsey? Cheezus H. Christ on a Ritz! I just hope FARB didn't wish his career on to Crash!

Sherry said...

oh hunny, that's lovely of you :)

happy birthday! and have a great day.

(you never did make it to london this autumn, did you? :P )

crumblord said...

I finally have some brainspace to go back to blog reading -- I'm so glad I started with yours. Happy Berfday (late.)

MzOuiser said...

I know. :)