Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm turning into my dad

Generally, I like unions. I'm a tree-huggin' lefty who believes that they make sure workers don't get exploited by unfeeling companies.

That being said, TWU Local 100 would have to work pretty damn hard to convince me that they're being exploited. Average salary is $45,000-$68,000 counting overtime (according to the NY Sun). Not damn bad for people who, on average, don't have college degrees. Plus they don't pay for their benefits, get to retire at 55, get full pension after 25 years, and get full medical once they retire.

I have a college degree (three, actually). My salary is slightly above the high range of their average. But I pay for my benefits. I can't retire until I'm 65. And my office has recently cancelled our pensions. And I sure as hell don't get any medical other than Medicare after I retire.

So should I feel sorry for the transit workers? Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

And it doesn't help that their union president is such a cunt. Roger Toussaint pretty much represents the worst that the unions have to offer. He's a little man with a Napoleon complex who is threatening other people's livelihoods and safety in order to get his moment in the spotlight.

Well, thank God for two things: the Taylor laws and my upcoming vacation. With any luck, when Roger throws his hissy and calls a strike, the Taylor laws will smack him down and I'll be enjoying my vacation way the hell away from here.


David said...

I have a BA and an MA and I make below the low range of their average salary. I pay for some of my benefits and I will probably not get to retire until I'm 70, with no pension.

Cry me a fucking river.

Jess said...

I'm with you guys, except that I think many unions (not just this one) are dinosaurs that do more harm than good these days. The TWU does this every time their contract is up for renewal. If they actually strike, they're going to make a mess of the whole metro area!

MzOuiser said...

Damn... Can't believe I busted my ass and went into debt trying to get all eddicated and stuff.

But I'm just bitter because I have to go to the city on Tuesday.