Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday in the Park with Crash

A few of us will be having a picnic in Central Park on Sunday, Sept. 18th. Those of you who will be in town are invited to join us. 'Us' at this point being me, Stuff and Charles.

The plan is to meet at the NE corner of the Great Lawn in Central Park (by the baseball fields) around noon. Bring food and drinks to share, sunscreen, a blanket to sit on . . . that sort of thing.

My plan is to roast a chicken and make hummus and caponata. As the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aglee, I might wind up bringing a big bag of Doritos instead. Either way, it's the company that's important, not the food.

I'll also be bringing a rugby ball if anyone wants to join in an impromptu game.


David said...

I will try and make it. I have something in NJ at 3PM, though.

palochi said...


Damn you, distance...

MzOuiser said...

Yeah... I'm thinking of bringing brandy-soaked apricots but I'll probably just bring some dirty jokes.

Crash said...

David: I refuse to believe that anything important happens in New Jersey.

Palochi: Simple solution. Move to New York

Mzouiser: Speaking of dirty jokes, don't worry about bringing the apricots as long as you bring your melons. Um . . . that's meant to be a double entendre, but heterosexual humor is foreign to me.