Monday, September 12, 2005

One last swipe

Michael Brown unplugs Los Angeles as he leaves FEMA headquarters.

You know, given the most recent "we're going to get California" message from al Qaeda, this must have freaked a few people out. I'm just glad it's not New York again. My fat ass is not walking all the way to Queens.


Knottyboy said...

I'm going to NYC in November and I can't wait to rub elbows with ladies with bigger bawls than me.
Fear is the mind killer...from DUNE

palochi said...

I'm betting he tripped over the cord.

Poor guy. Who wants to place bets on how soon it'll be until we see him as the Guest-host on SNL?

(And nobody showed me their "bawls" when I was in NYC, so I can't say nuthin'...)

Crash said...

Knotty: NYC in November is nice. Hope to see you then.

Palochi: Silly boy. There were any number of boys willing to show you their bawls.