Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I need a drink

Let's say you have a job picking apples. You reach up, you pick one, you drop it in your bag.


Now let's say you reach for that apple, you pick it and accidentally dislodge a wasp nest.

That's how work is going today.

Anyway, this weekend in Baltimore was great. I got to hang with David, Zenchick, Goblin, and Cara (and her friends). Sadly, Jwer was a no-show. But the weekend was fun. The art was fantastic (especially this guy's stuff). David and I saw 'Ladies in Lavender' and we both agreed that when we are spinsters living together in England, he will be Maggie Smith and I will be Judi Dench.


Jess said...

I think I've dislodged that same next myself.

Jess said...

nest, that is

nest, next... close enough for jazz. :)

Brian, the 646 Guy said...

You as Judi Dench? Don't you think you're a little TALL to be her. I mean if we cut off your legs you might be her size.

jwer said...

It all works out; David is a little short for Maggie Smith...

Sorry I missed you, sir.

palochi said...

I am so gonna start calling you "Dame Crash" now.

Crash said...

Jess: I imagine yours was worse. Mine was juxt inconvenient.

Jess (supplemental): just, that is

Brian: Though I look like Grizzly Adams on the outside, inside I'm Judi Dench (and creamy nougat).

Jwer: But in most other respects, he's just right for the part. And no problem; as Arnie said, I'll be back.

Palochi: Dame Crashi Dench, if you please.

Jeff said...

Excuse me, but I have dibs on the Judi Dench-ness, and I think I deserve special consideration because she is a dead ringer for my mother.

But you can just call me M.