Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Who do I have to blow to get Kool-Aid in this fucking city?

I'm sick. Have been since late last week. I was out sick on Monday and Tuesday. Still feel like crap today, but deadlines are deadlines, and while I'm expected to cover for others when they're out, no one does my work when I'm out sick.

But that's a whole other bitchfest.

Anyhoo . . . when I'm sick I want a few things. One, grilled cheese sandwiches (this is assuming I'm not so sick that I can't eat). Two, Campbell's Cream of Tomato soup. And three, Kool-Aid.

Now, usually when I'm sick, the last thing I want to do is cook, so I've relegated the first two items to the happy days of youth when my mom would take care of me when I was sick. However, Kool-Aid is a piece of cake. Tear open packet, mix with water, and drink the artificially-flavored goodness.

The hard part, however, is finding some goddamn Kool-Aid.

My own fault, I suppose. I'm picky. I want sugar-free Kool-Aid. And it has to be in individual packets. I went to five stores last night to try to find some because I'd run out of my stash at home. Five stores. In the cold. When I was sick. And not one of the places had Kool-Aid.

So long story short, that is why I'm in a miserable mood today. That and having to be at work when I should be sleeping.

And here is a quick Product Review for the day:

New Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper - Revolting.


crumblord said...

I have this exact same problem ... well, not with Kool-Aid, but when I must have one particular product (when I'm sick, it's Mrs. Grass Chicken Soup in a Box, with the Flavor Nugget.) I will traipse from store to store, because I. Must. Have. It.

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? I like cherry. I like vanilla. I like Dr. Pepper. What a surprise that when all mushed together, they aren't all that great.

Anonymous said...

I have one, single packet of Orange Kool-Aid in my pantry. Name your price.


David said...

I'm sorry you're sick, but you don't have to take it out on the poor Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper!

Just kidding . . . just the NAME sounds revolting. I would imagine the actual substance would eat a hole in cement.

myke said...

for being so nice to me while i was in nyc, i will happily mail you all the packs of kool-aid your heart desires. just name your flavors.

Jess said...

1) Feel better!

2) You're right about the soda. A better choice is the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi--nice stuff. Tastes kinda like an old-style cherry coke.

Jennirhiow said...

take care, take care!!! sorry, can't help with the kool-aid. what's kool-aid anyway?

Anonymous said...

Ah, here in white trash Ohio we have entire aisles dedicated to Kool-Aid. Should you need a refill, I'm sure we could supply you with a year's supply for about a buck.

And not to nitpick when you're sick, but is heating up tomato soup really cooking?

Feel better.


palochi said...

I have one of those big plastic cans of Cherry Kool-Aid sitting on the top shelf in one of my cabinets. Feel free to stop by any time. Remember your ChapStick. :-)

Zeitzeuge said...

You know, I grew up where kool-aid was invented. They still have yearly festivals. Yeah, it's not a very exciting town to live in.

Just tell me and I'll get my mama to send you any kind you like. :)

Tuna Girl said...

Aww fuck. I'm four days late and hopefully you're better by now, but I have an entire shelf in my cabinet dedicated to sugar-free Kool-AID in individual packets. You gotta love the Commissary. Do you still need some Kool-Aid lovin'?

Matthew said...

What about Hawaiian Punch? I guess it's a poor substitute for Kool Aid, but it can be quite tasty. Actually, I've found it to be rather can is never enough.