Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One week

One week with no TV.  I've been writing a lot for my various blogs.  I've gotten stuff done around the house.  I've caught up with friends and family without surreptitiously trying to watch Family Guy while only half-listening to them.  I've read a couple of books.  I've downloaded music.  I've gone to the gym.  I've cooked.

All sorts of cool and exciting stuff.

That said, I'm so damn tired I could vomit.

Balance.  I've got to work on balance.


Tuna Girl said...

Hey! It's been great to catch up with you via your blog so...yay for no T.V.!

We were taking about you today. Scott was saying that we could never move to New York because he'd never see me. I'd always be heading to the theater with you. ;-)

Crash said...

I wish you guys would move here. I get asked to review a lot of children's theatre, and I always feel odd being the only one without a kid. I'd also like to get a kid's take on some of the shows. Sure, I may like or dislike it, but I'm not really the target audience. I'd love to take you and the Tuna Kids to another show.

Jeff said...

Eventually, I think all of the people I know and love need to move into the same three-block radius, probably in New York, though how we'll all afford it I have no frakking idea.

Tuna Girl said...

Crash: The kids were talking about the show you took them to just last week. We saw Cats and they were comparing. (Made me laugh.) They think you're nice. :-)

Jeff: Maybe we could get some sponsorship?