Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The ball's in their court

So I came up with a way to save my office thousands of dollars a year with one simple change.

And if it turns out that my raise sucks as bad as it has the last two years, then I'm keeping mum about it. Fuck 'em.

Update: Fuck 'em.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Hope the raise is more than you expect.

Zeitzeuge said...

I submitted one of those "Ideas at Work!" programms my last company had. Saved the company about 28K on a yearly basis by creating this simple mortgage document, rather then buying 1000's of pamphlets. After doing the work, then submitting the idea (which we had to do in that order), they tried to tell me the program was cancelled due to lack of participation.

I threatened to remove the form and have the company go back to buying the form. They quickly changed their minds. I hate corporate bullsh*t.

I hope they go for your idea.

Anonymous said...

Good boy! : P

The Scribe said...

It stinks when your good ideas don't bring any appreciation. Good luck.
The Boomer Chronicles

Jere said...

But, just to play Devil's Advocate, mightn't you be more likely to receive a nice raise if you proposed a simple plan to save the company a lot of money?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you use the money-saving idea to justify (to your boss) a bigger raise?

But I suppose that depends on how your company does things...

Keep it mum!

MzOuiser said...

I'd say hold the idea until a strategic time - long enough before next year's raises come out that it can sink in and make you look godly, but not so long that you lose the shine. Then see if Jase's theory holds water.

Although, expecting logic from management... blood from a stone, usually.