Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm stuck here forever

So after three really good interviews at the new company, the last, and sadly most crucial, had me basically looking like a glorified secretary. It's a bad start when the guy who is interviewing you, and who is the one who will ultimately decide if you get hired, starts by saying, "I want an attorney in this position, why should I give it to you instead?"

I can do my job. I'm really good at my job. I've won awards for doing my job. So why in the fuck can't I seem to explain why I'm good at my job?


Jess said...

Are you sure it's you? I hate to say it, being an attorney myself, but there are some major league assholes in the law firms of this world. Based on that question you were asked, I see you ran into at least one of them.

From my work, I have a litany of questions I can use if I want to torture someone I'm interviewing. That doesn't mean I actually use them. It's only if someone is being a prick to me--which, on rare occasions, I actually see (I guess they're trying to appear strong). Otherwise, asking questions like that is just wrong.

"Why should I give it to you instead?" What a dickhead question.

Sometime between now and the next time you'll be job hunting, let's sit and go over some ways to respond that are strong but not obnoxious. Maybe it would help.

Biggie said...

interviews, like auditions, are usually awkward and disturbing and meant to be forgotten as soon as you leave. so the hell with him. and the next time someone asks "why should I give it you?" tell him, "well I gave it to you last night"...

Lee said...

Good luck with the job! I hope you get it!

palochi said...

From what you told me about the job, it would really surprise me if they could get a bloodsucker... er, attorney in the position. It didn't sound attorney-ish enough to me.

Jess is right on target.

Two things:

1. He's set his mind on getting a lawyer in the position. That's no reflection on you or your abilities.

2. Anybody who says something like "Why should I give it to you instead?" is on some sort of power trip.

As in, "Beg me to give you this job by proving your value to me even though I don't think you have much value because you're not as important or as special as an attorney."

Odds are, you wouldn't want to work for someone like that. The man's a dick. If you somehow managed to "prove" to him what he wanted to hear and got the job, realize that your new "boss" would treat you like this all the time. From the frying pan into the fire, I'd think.

Don't jump just for the sake of jumping.

David said...

While I agree to some extent with Palochi, that kind of question is also an opportunity for you, not to beg, but to make your case. Why you and not an attorney? Because you can do the job better. An attorney will want to be an attorney, you will want to do this job.

palochi said...

And you're cheaper than an attorney. Salary speaking, that is. :-)

Patrick said...

Next time, answer it this way.

"Because I can do this job better, faster, and more cost effective than an attorney."

If that fails, might I suggest, "Because I'm pretty?"

Jeff said...

I know this is terribly late to be commmenting on this, but the appropriate response is of course to answer his question with a question: "If I have to work for you, why should I take this job?"

And then, of course, you kill him. Preferably by flaying him alive. Or a stake through the heart. Oh wait, he's a lawyer, he doesn't have one.