Thursday, February 09, 2006

Catch up

So the weekend was fun. I went to Jess and Marc's house. We ate, we drank, we were merry. As always, a fun and relaxing weekend in the 'burbs.

Monday was the NY Nightlife Awards with English David. Fun time. And now I can say that I've seen Elaine Stritch, Eartha Kitt, and Lesley Gore perform live. I also saw Charles Busch and Brian Stokes Mitchell, but I've seen them perform before. I majorly heart Charles Busch.

A couple of stand-out performances were given by A Little Traveling Music (never heard of them, but they were great) and Creation Nation (whom I'd heard of, but never made it over to Ars Nova [I think] to see).

It was a great night.

One other cool thing. So I'm watching last night's Lost and I think to myself, hey, the girl that Sawyer's scamming in his flashback looks familiar. Turns out she's a girl who was in the drama department with me in college. In fact, I was the stage manager for the first play she was in.

Now she gets to make out with Sawyer in Hawaii while I'm stuck in a crappy, drudge job, making out with no one.



David said...

Just grab someone aat random and make out with them. It's fun!

David said...

Aiy, I forgot to tape last nights LOST. You wouldn't happen to have saved it?


David said...

Stop stealing my name.

Jess said...

All that stuff on Monday had to be dull after visiting us! ;)