Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I think this was one of my favorite WYSIWYGs yet. The stories were terrific and almost all were laugh-out-loud funny. But I must say, the lesbian contingency was certainly graphic. I think I now know more about lesbian sex than any gay boy has a right to. Fisting, who knew? Sheesh.

My favorite of the evening was Matt, who gave the best reading I've seen him do (and that's with three WYSIWYGs under his belt). The story was funny and touching (he's posted it on his blog . . . read the comments, too) and his delivery was dead on. Fantastic.

Joe was a pretty close second with his story that managed to work in bathhouses, Oscar parties, dropping acid and midgets. And really, what more does a story need? Plus, Joe is funny, is a good speaker and is certainly easy on the eyes. There's a picture on his site; you'll see what I mean.

And though I have never checked out her blog before, Hanne Blank is my new queer mother-goddess hero. Her story was great.

I should also mention that Faustus did a couple of new songs (new to me, at least): a funny one about artificial insemination (kinda) and one that was really touching about unrequited love. Naturally, given the nature of my so-called love life, I was nearly in tears during the second one, but I bit my quivering lip until it bled and managed not to shed a single tear.

As for the rest, really, really funny. It was my first time with most of these bloggers, so I have a lot of reading to do to catch up. While I'm doing that, why don't you check out their blogs for yourself?

Matt (

Hanne Blank (

Emily DePrang (

Joe (

Bradford Shellhammer (

Jane Vincent (

Dr. Faustus (

Dan Fishback (

Thanks to Chris, Sparky and Andy for another great evening.

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Lee said...

I'm glad it turned out well. I know of Hanne Blank via Jhames a couple of years back and occasionally read her personal site (she's got a professional one at