Thursday, May 26, 2005

Frist blames Democrats

Today's game is to take a headline from the paper (paper . . . how quaint) or online edition of said paper and add the phrase "; Frist blames Democrats" to it.

My favorites so far:

Garth Brooks proposes to Yearwood onstage; Frist blames Democrats

Ashley Judd's bus gutted in fire at film shoot; Frist blames Democrats

Angelina Jolie says she never slept with Brad Pitt; Frist blames Democrats

Bright spot on Saturn moon baffles scientists; Frist blames Democrats

Roddick eliminated again at French Open; Frist blames Democrats

Sure, it's silly and juvenile, but it's kind of funny. Let me know if you see any good ones.


Jess said...

The scary part is that, in reading every one of your headlines, I could see them really appearing in newspapers.

Chrisafer said...

My new favorite from the Washington Post:
Manhole Explodes in Downtown D.C.; Frist Blames Democrats

John said...

Jess, you're right, in the Washington Times.

Lee said...

From the AZ Daily

Six stung as 'killer' bees burst from hive Thousands of insects attack in Foothills; no one hurt badly; Frist Blamed Democrats.

(An aside - I always want to call him "Fristing")

Anonymous said...

Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in California: Frist Blames Democrats

Number of Women Smokers at 30-Year Lows: Frist Blames Democrats

Half of MBA Grads Found Jobs in 2005: Frist Blames Democrats

Huh. I think this could work out just fine.