Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Civis astorianus sum (sorry, don't know how to say it in Greek)

So I got the apartment. Soon I'll be living in Queens.

Now I just have to pack and move.

Piece of cake.

Big, evil, razor-blade-filled piece of cake.

I hate moving.


palochi said...

Why is it that I have this little internal giggle whenever I hear about gay men living in Queens?

Congrats on the apartment. Sorry about the move. When can I visit?

Crash said...

Depends if you're willing to help me unpack and put stuff away.

And yeah, queens in Queens. Too easy.

Zeitzeuge said...

Well dammit, if I was there I'd help you .......well find someone to move you.

Crash said...

That's sweet, but the move is taken care of. Not to sound all Blair Warner, there are people to do that sort of thing.

It's just the throwing away, packing and unpacking that I have to worry about.

matt said...

Congratulations on the new place!

Lee said...

Congrats on the apt.! And yes! There are people who decided - willingly! - to suffer bad backs and aching muscles to move people. USe them! ;-)

Jess said...

When's the move? If we're done moving out of the old house by then, we may be able to offer some help and transport. So keep us in the loop!

Dagon said...

(Ancient) Greek:

Polites astoriaios eimi.