Monday, August 13, 2007

Ya happy now?

Okay, back by popular demand (or maybe two or three comments).

Contrary to the rumors, I am still here. I just haven't much felt like blogging of late. Part of it is that I've been really busy at work. Funny, after a day of working on the computer, I didn't feel like going home and blogging.

I also have been busy with theatre stuff. Lots of shows to see of late. Only going to get worse now that the Fringe is upon us.

Anyway, I'm alive and still sort of blogging. Just not very often. Things will pick up again in a week or so.


Jess said...

Well, it's about time! I thought you'd been kidnapped and eaten (not in the fun way) by cannibals! ;-)

Tuna Girl said...

Well, you should have some stuff to blog about after this week.

Don't forget pictures and embarrassing stories!

Dantallion said...


Lee said...


And does the Fringe have a website?a