Monday, December 04, 2006

With special guest star . . .

After drinks the other night, I was thinking about what my life would be like if the world were a TV show. Truth be told, my life is entirely too boring to be a drama. Though I suppose that's a good thing considering the dramas I tend to watch (Dexter, Jericho, Law & Order, etc.) have remarkably high body counts.

So I guess by default, my life would be a sitcom.

Then it occurred to me that if I were in a sitcom, it would probably be someone else's. I might be Fred Mertz. Or maybe Sally Rogers (particularly apt, I think). But I wonder if I'd even qualify to be in the main cast like them. Maybe just a recurring character. Dr. Bombay, perhaps. Or, sticking with Bewitched, Esmerelda, the one who had a tendency to turn invisible.

So what have we learned from today's entry? First, I get maudlin when I drink. Second, I'm having doubts about my self-worth. Third, I should stop watching Nick at Night while drunk and depressed. Fourth, it's going to be one of those birthdays.


Robert said...

My last birthday I spent it with a plumber [not a good thing] and didn't see anyone either!

However your birthday's gonna turn out, it's still a special day to you! Yeah? Enjoy - whatever it is.

Andy said...

I would be one of those plotless, artsy movies that leave the viewer thinking, "My God, when is this going to end?" and then suddenly the screen says, Fin and the audience thinks, "That's it? What the fuck?"

David said...

Whoops, guess I didn't post a comment. I posted one about the oreos, but not this one.

I dunno, you could star in your own sitcom. But maybe along the lines of The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, with no laugh track and the audience unsure of what is funny and what isn't.

Wayne said...

Awe, Happy Belated Birthday!!