Friday, October 06, 2006


One drink. A colleague was having a birthday party and I was going to have one drink then leave.

8 drinks later (3 ciders and 5 shots of vodka), I'm home, drunk, and ordering pizza. Lots of pizza.


Well, I'll be in great shape for tomorrow's rugby game (1 pm-ish on Randall's Island Field 19). Come for te laugh of me dragging my fat, hungover ass all up and down the pitch.

Truth is, we (the 'alumni' side) have been invited so the B-side can have one victory this year. We'll be getting our asses kicked by guys half our age.

So what? At least the drinks will be free. And if the boys on the B-side get their kicks beating a bunch of old men, well, more power to them.

Now I'm going to go watch, Dr. Who and BSG. Maybe I'll drunk dial a few of you, too.


Jess said...

Ooh, will you drunk dial us? Huh? Will ya? Will ya?

Seeya tomorrow!

scottk said...

No drunk dial.I so do not feel the love. I hope the young guys kick the snot outta you old fogeys. :)
Just kidding around have fun !!