Friday, January 06, 2006

By the way

My theatre reviewing seem to be going okay. I've had four reviews published and one of my reviews has been blurbed on the show's publicity materials. Woo hoo!

Soon I'll be as famous as . . . um . . . any of those other famous theater reviewers whose names I don't know.

Le sigh.

Speaking of which, if any of you want to join me at a children's theatre show I'm reviewing tomorrow, I'd love the company.

Yeah. I thought not.

So tomorrow, I may blog about my New Year's resolutions.


David said...

Hopefully not as famous as Ben Brantley. People hate him.

Jess said...

If we weren't already doing things tomorrow, we'd be right there with you.

BTW, we miss you! Let's get together when you have some time.

myke said...

congrats on your published reviews byrne. we'll see a show together one day. surely.

Stinger said...

Dear Diary. Resolution #1: stop going to children's theatre.

Jere said...

Hey, don't knock the children's is work.

_____Aaron said...

tomorrow never seems to get here