Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blue World by Robert R McCammon

I read Blue World by Robert R. McCammon some years ago.  Probably college, or not long after. I was in a major horror novel phase back then (King, Koontz, McCammon, Saul, etc.), and read a bunch of his books.

Most of the stories in this collection had stuck with me, but the details had faded, so it was fun to read them again.  This book is a collection of short stories, mostly horror, and is a terrific read.  The standouts include "Night Calls the Green Falcon," about an aging Hollywood serial actor, best known for playing a superhero called the Green Falcon, who dons his costume and fights real evil after a young friend of his is murdered (added bonus in this one, is that the chapters end with a bit of a cliffhanger, just like the lead character's serials would have); "Nightcrawlers," about a Vietnam vet and the horrors he unleashes when he sleeps; "Pin," which is really, really hard to read... no spoilers here, but you need to have a strong stomach; and a novella, "Blue World," about a priest who becomes obsessed with a porn actress, not knowing that there is a serial killer obsessed with both of them.

One of the other stories that I enjoyed for a different reason is "Something Passed By."  The story deals with a world where the laws of physics and nature have gone crazy.  The story is a pretty good read, but what I enjoyed most is that McCammon names all the local landmarks in the town after famous sci-fi and horror writers.  It's a nice touch, and gives you a list of who's who in case you want to read more in this genre.

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